about brigitte

After receiving a French PhD in linguistics, Brigitte Beasse postponed a teaching career to perform research and provide services as an Aesthetician. Brigitte gained valuable experience working with well-known dermatologists and skincare professionals in Paris, and relocated to Beverly Hills, California in 2003. She has since firmly established herself as the new “Aesthetician to Hollywood”, with celebrity clients including Uma Thurman, Patricia Arquette, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alexis Bledel to name a few.

Due to a constant demand for her special brand of skincare expertise, Brigitte now carries an exclusive line of cosmetics: BRIGITTE Beaute. The line’s formulations feature cutting-edge ingredients derived from special combinations of all natural botanicals and essential oils.

The latest advances in Brigitte's skincare line have culminated in a revolutionary signature wrinkle treatment, which not only prevents the first signs of aging but also treats the skin at its deepest possible level, revealing a natural glow and appearance.


BRIGITTE Beaute is a unique and carefully formulated collection of cutting edge cosmoceutical products derived, inspired and cultivated from the lifelong work of Skin Care Specialist Brigitte Beasse. Each creation in the collection has been designed to deliver the sought after results which are most commonly realized only through the employment of more extensive cosmetic procedures.

With provident choice and sourcing of raw materials marrying awareness of consumer preferences, such as instant results, vegan, paraben and cruelty free, Brigitte drives and oversees the formulation process from conception to actualization. Brigitte’s primary focus, respect the consumer’s ideology, is steadfast and intrinsic in each product formulated for the collection.

The Brigitte Beaute Skincare Collection assembles and places into function an impressive array of potent active ingredients such as plant based collagen, hyaluronate and multipeptides to name a few. In addition the line also offers Natural and Organically based products with exceptionally nurturing ingredients. The potency here is derived primarily from plant-based formulas with botanical actives such as green tea, mushroom and sea kelp.

The Brigitte Beaute Skincare Collection is manufactured by a Vancouver-based Dermatology Laboratory, whose team of professional estheticians and cosmetic chemists manufacture each product to meet or exceed the discerning tastes and beauty needs of the professional skincare market. Founded in 1996, the Laboratory rapidly achieved their founding goal of perfecting the most therapeutic, result oriented products, which address the need for natural alternatives to traditional animal, or petrol chemically based products. The Laboratory is unique in that they create virtually all plant based extracts onsite, hand selecting the raw ingredients from the most reputable, ethically responsible, cleanest possible sources.

BRIGITTE Beaute is cruelty free and does not use or support animal testing, nor ever will.