Since using BRIGITTE beauty products I have noticed that my skin has made a remarkable change. My tone looks vibrant and the skin is healthier than ever. This the first product line that I have used consistently because of a manageable daily care routine. I really like the Exfoliating Toner. I use it after the Phyto-Calming Cleanser and it greatly enhances absorption of the other products. Thank You.

Barbara G. Age 60
San Francisco, California
BRIGITTE's Active Lightening Serum is simply divine – I have sensitive olive skin which tends to discolor easily from any blemish. In the past I have used hydroquinone, however I know that it is unsafe and has shown that it can have carcinogenic effects as well as can actually cause reverse scars – bluish discoloration from longer use. I also have had extreme redness from areas surrounding the discoloration from using hydroquinone. Due to all of this, I have been trying for some time to find a product that was both effective and safe. BRIGITTE Active Lightening Serum is just that – it is a clean, cool, comfortable gel and easy to use with a convenient dispenser pump; it gently lightens any discoloration I have fairly quickly and won’t have the negative effects of hydroquinone based products. It even has been gradually lightening an old scar that I had on my leg! I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to lighten a specific area or generally brighten their complexion.

Aisha Beverly Hills, CA
For the first time, I am using up the products and ordering more instead of moving on to something else. BRIGITTE products have greatly improved my skin tone. The Exfoliating Cleanser and the Exfoliating Toner are highly effective.

CK, Age 38, CA
BRIGITTE products work magic... as I get older, my skin looks younger! I have quite large pores and my skin is prone to clogging, but BRIGITTE's Exfoliating Cleanser has worked wonders. Once on the skin, it's tingle makes you know it's doing it's job, and my skin has never looked more radiant.

Julie Bettridge, make-up artist
I LOVE BRIGITTE's Exfoliating Toner! I use it morning and night after cleansing and my skin feels so clean and has a nice glow. I think it's really helping with keeping the nasty black heads minimal. The smell is clean and fresh, it doesn't sting or burn. I just absolutely love it! My next purchase will be the Exfoliating Cleanser.

Cyndi Raymond
Los Angeles, CA
I am a woman in my 50's and I can tell you that there is not a day that goes by that someone does not comment on how beautiful my skin looks. I have had a lot people ask if I have had "anything done" and my answer is, NO! I owe it all to BRIGITTE products. My favorite products are the Active Lightening Serum because it has evened out any discoloration I had on my skin and lightened any dark spots. The results using this product were amazing!! I also love the Collagen Treatment Creme and the Lifting Eye Creme. Both these products have reduced my fine lines and firmed my skin. The improvement in my skin is so visibly noticeable. I have tried every skincare line on the market and I can honestly say, BRIGITTE products are by far, the best I have ever used and do not need to look any further for great skincare products.

Candace, Age "50 something"
Beverly Hills, CA
I am 64 years old and need constant moisture. By using the finest products for my skin type such as the Active Repair Serum, I have seen lines disappear and observed my skin becoming supple and soft. I really could not ask for more. I recommend Brigitte to everyone who is interested in having the fountain of youth.

Modesta J. Bassity
I have tried just about every brand of cream, toner and sunscreen for my face, from Chanel to Origins and nothing has seemed to work until BRIGITTE skin care. Since using BRIGITTE products, my face has gotten cleaner and smoother. I LOVE BRIGITTE products. I use the Active Repair Serum, Active Lightening Serum, Lifting Eye Creme, Collagen Treatment Creme and the SPF 30+ Daily Moisturizer. The three products that I cannot live without are the Lifting Eye Creme, the Collagen Treatment Creme and the SPF 30+ Daily Moisturizer. The Lifting Eye Creme has really helped prevent the wrinkles around my eyes. Although the Collagen Treatment Creme is thick, it really moisturizes my skin and feels very light. The SPF 30+ Daily Moisturizer is the best I have had for me year round. I don't have to worry about the sun when I am outside. This SPF 30+ Daily Moisturizer, like the Collagen Treatment Creme, makes my skin feel fresh and very hydrated. I also use the SPF 30+ Daily Moisturizer on both my 3 year and 1 year son. I really cannot say enough about the products. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin from my family, friends and even strangers. I always refer them to BRIGITTE products. I finally found something that works extremely well with my sensitive skin without any perfume scent. My pores on my face have gotten smaller and I have so few blackheads on my nose compare to before.Thank you for all the wonderful products it has truly changed my skin for the better and I love it.

Shelly Yamashiro
Pasadena, CA
In an ongoing effort to lighten some dark pigment spots on my face, I have to say that I am really happy with BRIGITTE Active Lightening Serum. It is the first product I have ever used that has given me amazing results. To see actual lightening of some really dark sun spots has truly thrilled me.

Los Angeles, CA